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Hi!! So Tomodachi Life recently came out, and DUDE I seriously want to get it. But the problem is, I don’t have the cash for it! This is where you, hopefully, come in! I’ll be taking commissions! Nothing NSFW, nothing fetish-y, and nothing with like 100 characters. (Should mention, +$2 for every characters past the first two).

I’d appreciate it if you’d help me out with this!


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edit: I just realized the ‘flat colors’ one isn’t flat colors. Imagine it without the weird slight shading on the arms and you’re good to go

This is back again! Mostly because I really wanna go to this RBF/The Maxies concert!


Some drawings, playing with color- ink, chalk, oil pastel annnnd uhhh colored pencil



To continue to try to offset my astronomical student loan bills, I am opening again for commissions! Humans and non-humans (animals/pets, furries, creatures, etc) alike are welcome! Please scroll for more info :)

Here’s a simple price breakdown for one character:
-$5 for a sketch on brown paper
-$10 for ink
-$15 for colored bust
-$25 for colored full body

My color default will be markers, but I am also proficient in watercolor. If you would prefer watercolor, please specify!

Multiple interacting characters or backgrounds are welcome to be added for +$10 each for color and +$5 each for sketch or ink commissions. Please add $5 if you would like the final artwork to be shipped to you.

I am quite willing to do couples art and shipping commissions as well. If you want something NSFW, message me first.

Payment, as always, is accepted via PayPal!

Still interested? Please DM me to request a slot or shoot me a question, and we can take it from there! I look forward to working with you!


*hires cr1tikal to be my wedding officiant*

what’s up everybody it’s cr1tikal, i now pronounce you husband and wife, lets do this shit


97%, Tumblr!!!

So close to receiving the funding, and getting back to the Amazon!!  And also only 22 days left of campaigning so you won’t have to put up with it for long!   Thank you everyone for all of the support and making this research a reality!


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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Lupin the 3rd ‘78


Process for my Steven Universe illustration, from thumbnail to final!

I promise this is my last overexcited spam post about this particular thing :B



What are they all doing here?

I invited them

Yeah, but I thought it would be just the two of us

Eh, but I thought you wanted to have a party?

Hmm yes, but …

  • No Barnaby, you just don’t understand щ(ಥДಥщ)

guten tag


guten tag


avian au idea. bones kinda freaks out a little at the whole HELLO YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE PARENTS AND A FAMILY BESIDES YOUR BROTHER thing, which is even more shocking/overwhelming than it normally would be because he’s also alien royalty. it’s very sudden and very alarming and while he and his mother BECOME close, I imagine at first he’s like this weirdo space lady is my mom i need to take a breather i need like fifty breathers 

and then i had to go and make it sad. one of the profiles for ricky back on the old website said he was on the streets since he was four and I’ve always aggressively clung to the idea that he’s either an orphan or disowned by his parents, and i always read bones in canon as not having any parents so…

so yeah. orphan bonding. ricky is probably more jealous than outright resentful of bones’ situation and is probably the one who encourages bones to learn more about his new family. even if it doesnt work out, his old one is still here for him.