Things Are Pretty Swell

oh hell yes i found some frozen peas it’s snack time up in here

and while I’m snacking, why not have me draw something?

this is how i draw

So feel free to hit me up for drawings! I can also draw legs. Bees, I’m waiting on the plas sketchbook to get started on yours. 

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    Oh my gosh im so excited i squeeked a little
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    wow hello i like your fish lady there um maybe try professor piranha? if you want? >u
  5. latoonscriblys said: I love your drawings! May I request some Lin from Korra?
  6. purls-of-lizdom said: Ted and Booster snuggling! Or hanging out with Jaime!
  7. cuoridiregno said: Draw somebody with freckles! :)